(Opinion) Much Ado About Secondary School Teacher’s Salaries In Abia State ~ By Izuchukwu Nwokoma

In the interim, it almost looks like the initial jubilation Teachers in Abia State exhibited on hearing of the emergence of Governor Alex Otti, OFR, as the next Governor of the State seems to be an exercise that has ended in regrets.

This is so because Teachers in Abia State, especially at the Senior Secondary School cadre, before now, have experienced neglect from past administrations in relation to payment of salaries as and when due. The Teachers had expected that, Governor Alex Otti, having emerged Governor amid promises of offsetting salaries across board, would do the needful and without discrimination in this regard. Regrettably, Secondary School Teachers in public Schools continue to receive same treatment the last administration meted to them as if they committed sacrilege.

Without denying the fact that the new administration under Dr. Alex Otti has begun payment of salaries as promised which has seen him pay June salaries to Civil Servants. The present administration needs to include all the zones in the payment of salaries of Secondary School Teachers as it has been alleged that April salary has been paid to only Teachers from Grade levels 14 and above. What then is the offence of Teachers on other grade levels? Hence, the issue for Senior Secondary School Teachers has continued to generate reactions because it is yet to go round even after submitting details to the Secondary Education Management Board (SEMB), leaving those affected by this misnomer wondering if it is omission or a deliberate act by the State Government or the Commission?

Yet again, July salary has been released, but this time, only Teachers in Umuahia zone have received. There has been series of complaints from some core civil servants that they have not been paid any of the salaries (April, June, July). Are these things done on omission, deliberate act or on vendetta purposes?

These affected persons have lodged avalanche of complaints to no avail, which has further made them wonder if the current administration is accustomed to selective salary payment, vendetta mission or outright omission .

On the part of Secondary School Teachers, the affected persons have further queried if the current situation could be attributed to government’s deliberate oversight or that of SEMB? Is it just a carry over from the last dispensation? Or is it part of the neglect for education in the State?

The current administration in the State should know that education plays a crucial role and occupies a key position in the lives of a nation. A government that constantly and continuously criticised virtually all the policies of the previous administration should not be seen committing even worse mistakes or blunders.

I must not also fail to state here, that through selective payment of salaries to Secondary School Teachers in the State, education which is the right of every child, is gradually being laid to rest in Abia State.

Therefore, it is imperative for the present administration to correct these anomalies in payment of Teachers salaries. There should not be selective payment, Teachers in Aba and Ohafia zones deserve to be treated equally like their Umuahia zone counterparts. Injury to one is injury to all.

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