(Opinion) Biometric Thumb Printing: Way To Go ~ By Iro Emeka

The time has indeed come for Abia State and her workforce just like their counterparts in other states of the federation, to enjoy and embrace all new technologies aimed at making their work easy as well as having a seamless process of eliminating “ghost workers”.

I have read various articles condemning Mr. Chris, The Contractor handling the biometric thumb printing in Abia State where civil servants are mandated to thumbprint three times a day. But the truth is that Mr. Chris has a job to keep and execute as he is only a messenger.

The fact remains that, like Governor Alex Otti, who has constantly faulted the misnomer in the Abia State Civil Service, Mr. Chris is bound to come up with a suiting measure or act meant to arrive at a feat that will ensure th “Ghost Worker” syndrome in Abia is completely eradicated.

The various arguments on Social media and various ministries that Mr. Chris is the originator of this measure, is uncalled for and baseless. Mr. Chris, is merely a messenger who is taking others from the executive Governor of the State, Dr. Alex Otti, so the statement that he is mounting more pressure on civil servants is a travesty.

There is no better way of fishing out ghost workers in the state which has further multiplied the wage bill of the State, than subjecting civil servants to this seamless and all important exercise. Of course, the benefits are enormous.

In as much as many people, especially the civil servants have their misgivings about the process amid biting economic realities, it should be encouraged and not be seen as draconian in nature or witch-hunt.

Again, policies of government are not always easy to work with especially when they are reeled out newly. It is imperative that civil servants, instead of seeing it as inhumane, adjust to this new policy of government geared towards reshaping the civil service for good.

It is pertinent to reiterate that Mr. Chris is only a messenger sent by Gov. Alex Otti to carry out this all important assignment. He is not in anyway out to compound the sufferings of civil servants, but to ensure that Abia State civil service just like her counterparts in other states of the federation, has a seamless process of determining actual civil servants.

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