Re: Purported Defection Of Prince Emeka Okafor

Our attention having been drawn to a misleading online report about the purported defection of Prince Emeka Okafor to the People’s Democratic Party(PDP),we hereby write to state the following:

That Prince Emeka Okafor is not a chieftain of our great party, All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA) but a political rolling stone whose high level mobility between PDP, PPA and APGA, in a short space of time, is now legendary.

That his association with APGA began in April 2022 when he joined Prof Ibe in decamping from PDP.

That he couldn’t have attained the revered appellation of an APGA chieftain in under one year.

That arising from some financial misconducts which occurred during the conduct of ward tours Prince Emeka Okafor is currently under suspension.

That his now familiar antic of oscillating between parties especially during election seasons is no longer new.

That Prince Okafor’s current defection plan is a solo effort since he is returning to PDP as a single suspended member. Therefore, the touted 2000 team of decampees is nothing but a deceptive lie aimed at according political impetus and relevance to himself.

That the public is therefore advised to disregard the purported mass defection of APGA members to PDP since it is impossible to jump from a cruising ship to sinking canoe.


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