(Opinion) Chief Ahiwe Aligning with Gov Ikpeazu’s Promotion of “Made-in-Aba” Brand -By Ikemdirim Onyeije

One thing among others that Abians should have in mind heading to the polls on Saturday 18th, March, 2023, is the firm promise by the Governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Okey Ahiwe of actively promoting the “made-in-Aba” brand as a global mark of quality.

If Abians especially those who follow trends in the fashion world, will agree that made-in-Aba products have been modelled to meet International standard just as artisans in Aba, and Abia in general have been given a voice, courtesy of Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, PhD.

What then is left for Ndi Abia regarding Made-in-Aba products, if they turn their eye the other way by refusing to vote for Chief Okey Ahiwe who has pledged to actively promote the “made-in-Aba” brand as a global mark of quality.

Okey Ahiwe no doubt, will pursue this vigorously since he has given that promise. This is not a feat that is difficult for him because he is a man that honours every bit of his word as confirmed by people who have crossed his path.

The successes of yesterday regarding promotion of made-in-Aba, cannot be thrown to the winds by electing those who do not value the respect made-in-Aba products command world over. A vote for Chief Okey Ahiwe, a man of his words, will further place Abia State on the international map.

Abians, going forward is life while going back is death!

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