(Opinion) Chief Okey Ahiwe Honours his Words – By Ikemdirim Onyeije

For those who are still wondering if Okey (Chief Okechukwu Ahiwe) is Okay and whether he can be entrusted with the resources of Abia State, the answer is in the affirmative.

This is because Chief Okey Ahiwe is straightforward, honest and above all keeps to his words. If those who have had encounter with him, will rise up above sentiments and party affiliations, they will attest to the fact that his yes is yes, while his no is no.

Chief Okey Ahiwe does not compromise, he honours every bit of his word which is why Abians at this point, need him because we are in dire need of a unifier as well as one who can break even and provide quality leadership for all Abians.

Chief Ahiwe is a square peg in the right hole as testimonies trickle in from different walks of life alluding to his ability to nurture and carry people along irrespective of their geopolitical zone or senatorial district.

What Abians need is one who will build their hope, provide all that bother them as a people and Chief Okey Ahiwe (Kikas), represents that hope Abians crave for. His short stay as the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie further buttressed the fact that he does not compromise.

What else can Abians be asking for if not a man that will handle the economy of the state with every amount of honesty as well as provide good governance which has it’s bedrock on inclusive and participatory governance.

Abians, the time to confront our problems is now, vote an honest man, a man who will adorn and treat every citizen of Abia with utmost respect. Chief Okey Ahiwe knows the problems of the State and will tackle them if you vote him as Governor.

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