(Opinion) Hypocrisy Of ‘dealers’ In Nigeria – By Joel Afolayan

I have deemed it necessary to lend my voice to the painful and embarrassingly disgusting  development in recent times in the country. Far be it from me that I am referring to the scarce new naira notes,  fuel scarcity  or Central Bank of Nigeria-induced governors’ arrogance and grandstanding, but the unthinkable manner with which some political ‘terrorists’ suddenly arrogate to themselves ‘Saviour of the ‘Masses’.

We need to ask ourselves the following questions: how did we get here? Who introduced this administration to Nigerians? Who benefitted the most from it? Were state governors not in Nigeria before the currency swap ‘calamity’? Is Emefiele the first evil to befall Nigeria under this administration? Before now, what has been the state of critical sectors of the nation’s economy, such ss education, labour, employment, public service, oil and gas, solid minerals, water resources, health, security, financial crimes, rule of law, agriculture and food security, etc? What has been the stand of the ‘accidental Messiahs’ like ‘Hell-whatever’ before now? If these ‘figures’ were not interested in the February 25 polls, would their stance on the state of the nation not be as usual?

Nigerians should understand that our greatest enemies: stimulators, facilitators and architects of our misfortune and ordeals are now trying to profit from our collective predicaments for self adulation. They brought their ‘almighty’ principal, kept mute when innocent Nigerians (children and adults alike) were being abducted for ransom and encouraged Nigerians to be patient in the face all the storms!. Some of them even shamelessly defended the high level incompetence and selective regard for rule of law by this government. Caution and humanity were thrown into the air in order to sustain the unpardonable recklessness of the appointees of President Muhammadu Buhari, while Nigerians were and are still the worse hit. Indictment of the President by members of the Federal Executive Council on the indifference of the government to national security were talked down for only God-knows reason. None of the governors approached the Court when huge sums of ‘valueless’ naira were being distributed anywhere and everywhere in the name of ‘trader-moni’.

The least is taking delivery of four hundred and thirty nine (439) brand new vehicles by members of both chambers of the National Assembly in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, when the nation’s health facilities and centres were to be improved upon. The cover-up of the notorioud Lekki frenzy during the EndDARS protest was done by ‘men’ of the governors as well as the horrible and violent discovery of hidden palliatives given to the same gangs by the coalition against COVID-19 (CACOVID). 

If asked whether we have leaders in this country, I will say ‘No’. We rather have ‘dealers’ Interchanging the position of L and D. They have been dealing with anything including our comfort, peace, safety, quality education, prosperity, posterity, capacity, among other.The assiduity of Nigerians deserves better than this crops of opportunists, dealers and propagandistic tendencies in the governors, who conspicuously failed to challenge the Federal Government for failure to improve the lots of educational institutions, security/policing architecture, judicial processes, electoral integrity, industrial and labour relation, economic stability, food security, infrastructural facelift, local government autonomy among others. If all these deserve to be on hold for whatever reason, then the fight to bring back the acceptance of old 500, and 1,000 naira note should also be suspended till those aspects of our national lives are attended to.

On the alleged violation of the Supreme Court order by the Federal Government of Nigeria, General Mohammadu Buhari should rather be sued for contempt of court. 

Laughably, heads of agencies under this President have been sentenced for contempt of court  twice. Where are those ‘Misters’ today? They are still in offices as if nothing had happened to them. This explains the depth of outright disregard to the rule of law, for which the ‘accidental messiah’ ought to frown at. Can you dealers, please, leave the masses’ fight for them? It is an unarguable truism that you are the principal huddle the masses MUST cross to VICTORY and TRIUMPH.

February 25, 2023 is a week ahead for us to chose for ourselves another as well as members of the Senate and House of Representatives. I enjoin you, in your interest and collective good of the nation, to desist from voting for anyone solely or partly responsible for the nation’s precariousness and peril. 

This is not time for tribal or religious solidarity, but rather a time to choose a credible candidate who can drive the nation towards a positive lane in the next four years. 

Our choice individually and collectively matters, and we must endeavour to get it right now or play into the hands of those who benefit from our predicament. 

Mr Joel Afolayan writes from Ilorin, Kwara State.

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