(Opinion) Abia Guber: High Chief Ikechi Emenike, The Redemption Abians Need ~ By Emma Ukaegbu

Of a truth, the current leadership in Abia State have lost all moral rectitude expected from leaders who have the burning desire to change the ugly situation of things in the State.

This is reflected in the way the State has been patterned in the past 24 years with leaders lacking integrity to drive Abia and her people to the path of development. This is further exemplified in the way they have surrounded same people who have no capacity or discerning spirit to drive the State.

Truth is… Abia State is not beyond redemption. Oh yes!, Abia still has lifeline just as every other state facing similar challenges.

What is critical at this point especially as Abians head to the polls to elect a Governor come March 11th, 2023, is to carefully vote someone who has deep and clear understanding of workings in other climes as well as those missing links in the state.

It is therefore at this point, that the Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the March 11th Guber election, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, provides a better option to drive Abia and lead the state to her el dorado.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike has demonstrated discipline, hard work, integrity among others in various positions held in the country. He has equally pledged to demonstrate same qualities as well as show unwavering commitment to the new Abia which is the dream of every Abian.

In addition to the above, High Chief Ikechi Emenike in his 23 key deliverables towards rescuing Abia, also stated point blank, his desire to ensure that all Abia citizens tow the same path.

Restoring high moral, ethical, competent and godly standard to governance as encapsulated in High Chief Ikechi Emenike’s 23 key deliverables is of utmost importance in Abia State. The State needs restoration of sanity in her polity.

Abians will be making a huge mistake if, by March 11th, 2023, they vote same people with lack of vision and lagging in morals. Fixing Abia State is achievable and High Chief Ikechi Emenike is the answer.

Ndi Abia, the time to rescue the State from clueless leaders is now.

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