Boxing Day: Founder Monirich Eririego Foundation Urges Abians to Cultivate the Habit of Giving

Abians have been enjoined to always imbibe the spirit of giving as it opens doors for greater blessings.

The charge was made on Monday by Chief Michael Erugo ‘Eririego’ NWAKAIBEYA 1 of Ngwa Land and the Chairman, Founder MONIRICH ERIRIEGO FOUNDATION through the DG Magnus Obinna during a telephone conversation with correspondent.

He revealed that boxing day from history is a day set aside for giving and should be sustained as there is more to giving than receiving, maintaining that giving opens doors of blessings.

The DG, hinted that the day, avails people the opportunity to unbox boxes gathered at Christmas day, stressing that it has nothing to do with kick-boxing or throwing punches at each other.

He, however, admonished Abians not to be carried away by the euphoria of the season but celebrate wisely while also praying that God grant Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu of Abia State the grace and strength to finish with more laudable projects.

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