(Opinion) 2023: Uri Chindere, Chief Chuku Wachuku, Understands the Plights of Ndi Umuneator ~ By Eyioma Nnanna

In a latest interview with the candidate of the Young Progressives Party, YPP for Abia Central, Chief Chuku Wachuku, he said, “As societies are changing, human beings are beginning to increase their level of political consciousness. Gone are the days when people kept quiet without questioning and demanding better representation from people they voted to carry their responsibilities”.

Using the above to form the basis of this exposition, truth remains that the people of Abia Central Senatorial District, need someone who understands the dynamics that exist among the people and work assiduously to better their lots.

Of a truth, it will amount to a disservice if the people of Abia Central Senatorial District relegate their collective ambitions to the background while allowing people with personal ambitions jeopardize the chances of the Senatorial seat going to ” Umuneator”

It is pertinent to point out here that the likes of Senator Bob Nwannunu and Senator Nkechi Nwaogu, all represented the people of Abia Central because the “Umuneator” came together, agreed and vowed that their collective ambitions is key to delivering the duo. Today, such collective ambition is also required to deliver Chief Chuku Wachuku, whose exposure places him above his contemporaries.

What would Ndi Abia Central Senatorial District gain if they elect someone who, for the past 16 years as a lawmaker, has had someone construct road that passed through his own place of abode? Indeed there are no rocket signs about representation. It is for those who have strong will and understand what the people actually need.

Uri Chindere, Chief Chuku Wachuku, understands what is expected of him at the Red Chambers. He has proven that in positions held in the past. Testimonies still abound about his exploits as the Director, National Directorate of Employment, NDE. He is ever ready to replicate such feat if only Ndi Umuneator would flash back, look at the antecedents of a selfless man who wants to lead the way by showing what representation is all about.

He has consistently reiterated what empowerment actually portends as well as reeled out plans to bring about family economic empowerment which is a departure from the usual keke Napep empowerment and stomach empowerment that the masses are accustomed to. Indeed his policies are second to none, mouthwatering but most importantly, achievable.

It is now left for Ndi Umuneator to rally round a man who is not going to learn how to impact their lives positively as he has been in the business of providing family economic empowerment which is inimical in today’s world. Ndi Umueator, send Uri Chindere, Chief Chuku Wachuku to Senate and be rest assured that he will never sacrifice or throw to the ducks our collective ambition for personal ambition.

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