(Opinion) Spring Nigeria: Vox Populi, Vox Nigeriana ~By Henry Madubuike

In Nigeria’s political history, whether chequered or otherwise, this level of followership and voluntary participation has never been seen, where youths, irrespective of any type of tribal consideration, and even the aged have decided to defy the odds and openly declare their stand to take back their country.

Across the length and breath of Nigeria, it has been one march to another, openly on support of Peter Obi. This is one revolution whose time has actually come and methinks any manipulation against this movement might be a colossal disaster.

INEC and those who describe themselves as ‘critical stakeholders’ (whatever that means) must remember that the people in unison are tired of the status quo.

My admiration of the mantra: “no to dogma, no to status quo” has never been hidden.
“No price, no pay” has been my undeniable value.

The Nigerian populace has been “priced”, that is, dared to do it’s worst by those who think they own the land and can share or distribute positions however they wish but evidently, they shall be proven wrong come 2023.

Nothing scares a man who is not afraid to die!

The people are unanimously saying they will not beg to have what is theirs, neither will the be fed with excreta and be forced to salivate, as though they are relishing a well spiced omelette. They are taking back their land!

They are saying though giants and demons may be on their way to put up resistances, they have set their eyes on the ball. They see nothing but victory. They are now “blood tested” and have consistently reechoed “we die here! We die once”!

Those who have stolen Nigeria’s wealth are now frightened, whether they want to admit it or not.

One in the know at a time openly stated that monies stolen by one in a failed race can feed 400 million Nigerians for 400 years! Imagine! The Nigerian populace have been dared, I dare say.

The other, parkinson’s brother, a sophisticated pilferer, is so shameless that he is pretending not to know that he who the gods want to kill, they firstly strike the fellow with madness: madness of obsession and entitlement mentality, and he shall be resisted right from his bedroom.

How can a country be governed by a personality whose identity is unknown, whose records are fake, whose siblings are unknown or is one telling one he was picked from an orphanage, though even such is the case, there would always be records: official records!

Across partisan affiliations and considerations, 80 percent of Nigerians are obviously saying they have said no to status quo and the dogma of “turnship” must be thrown into the cesspit of ignominy.

Whose turn? Yours or ours?

Nigerians are obviously telling these thieves that they have stolen enough! Nigerians are insisting that dementia is a sickness and whoever suffers of same needs not be vested with such an enormous responsibility of presiding over the affairs of a nation, but in obvious need of medical attention and possibly, rehabilitation.

Nigerian youths are saying they are not willing to join a Military where they will be fed with “Agbado, Ewa, Cassava, Yam” (carbohydrates, all!) as postulated by an individual without an elementary knowledge of food and nutrition!

The people are tired of persons who say one thing in a second and vomit another in a micro second! People without any form of political ideology and direction, whose only stock in trade is jumping from one political party to another must be retired.

Individuals with penchant for food, modern day political Esaus must be driven into extinction. Those who can sell their mother on citing a sumptuous meal,well garnished with local and oriental spices must be thrown into the dustbin of forgetfulness! (Ask OB…)

Those who have gang-raped Nigeria must be brought to book! EFCC and ICPC must not be toothless bulldogs or vendetta agents.

Medical tourism must end.
Education must be properly funded. Students have being at home upwards 7 months and ‘negotiations’ are deadlocked while their (enemies of the people) wards are in choice Universities across the World.

The era of celebrating payment of salaries must die. Lips of praise singers must be sealed. Nigeria just has to work or do we go our separate ways?

This is the new voice. Vox Nigeriana. Ship in or shape out. This is #Revolutionhere

Henry Onyema Madubuike


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