Massive Endorsement: Ward Chairman, Sec, Excos Dump APC For APP

…welcome Nwa Abia Candidature with Hundreds of Supporters

The 2023 House of Assembly ambition of Chief Chris Akachi Nwa Abia has received massive boost, as the entire Afugiri ward of APC led by igbokwe Benson Nwabueze as chairman, Ejiogu Nwabueze Nicholas Sec and others have defected to APP, hence endorsing Chris Akachi Nwa Abia for Umuahia North State Constituency position.

The decision came after months of negotiations, meetings and engagements of various influencial political heavyweights cross the ward of the state Constituency after identifying the poor performances of the party ranging from various levels.

Resolutions have been reached in all the blocks across the ward fortnight ago. Information available to newsmen revealed that the venues where these resolutions were reached had heated atmosphere, as several APC members in Afugiri ward raised their concerns over the current APC situation, and why they are throwing their weight behind Nwa Abia’s ambition.

Massive defection from previous parties to APC and APP was top on the agenda, as majority of the people strongly condemned the idea of following an APC House candidate who does not know them, let alone the yearnings of Afugiri people. According to them, such candidates are not credible individuals that they can throw their support behind.

They however, appealed to every Ohuhu person to accept the fact that it is ‘just’ and ‘fair’ for the House of Assembly seat to be reserved for a home-groomed candidate who has begun the movement of taken democracy to the grassroots.
They noted that, after so much lack in democracy dividends across Ohuhu land, it will not portray Ohuhu people in good light to be seen to be openly supporting APC who does not understand the sufferings of the people.

Although, they singled out other contenders from other parties and their chances of succeeding, they however, insisted on voting persons rather than party, and stressed the importance of putting up a united front to support one of their own, whom they considered to be Chris Akachi Nwa Abia, to ride majestically into the Hallowed chamber, come 2023.

Meanwhile, every one has pledged to support the candidature of Chris Akachi Nwa Abia. And they have also promised to reach out to their loyalists across Ohuhu land to do same, even as they insisted of painting the entire state Constituency red during the arrival of their principal.

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