(Opinion) 2023 and the Struggle for Abia’s Soul: Thoughts of A Common Man~By Henry Madubuike

It is altruistic that politics is noble wired for individuals with the heart and mind for selfless service to humanity viz a viz the socio-political and economic development across all strata of society.

The above negates the concocted and disjointed definition of the topic under discourse as the art of who gets what, when and how as though politics is only as concerns a single persons or clique or interest without recourse to the fact that power without the interest of the people is outright tyranny and anarchy.

It has become imperative to ventilate this profound opinion because there is an evident and gradual polarization of the entire strata of the State of Abia and the major proponents of the game seemingly care less, because their focus is mainly on the ‘trophy’ even if the entire State must collapse into rubble’s, so long as their target is reached.

The division of the State as evidenced presently along parochial and ‘kparakpo’ lines is one  of such that is capable of ruining the little gains made by men of goodwill, thus making the labours of our heroes past a vain endeavor.

Thus, it will not be out of place to state that any aspiration that does not consider the peaceful existence of Abia, that is putting Abia first must be thrown into the trashcan and those proponents discarded by the real wielders of power: the people.

It will be pretensious to assume that all is well in Abia, given the heated political tensions generated and playing the game of the ostrich will do no one any good.

The youth, the most gullible of society must call themselves to order by way of engaging self in a germane and soul searching discourse: why am I being used and why must I willingly offer myself to be used and discarded like a sanitary pad?

The earlier the persons within the above mentioned age bracket begin to question the emergence of these ‘election time philanthropists’ and what is tended to achieve, while also questioning overlords who had no visible source of livelihood before their dabbling into ‘politics’, the more ready the concerned persons are to effect the change desires.

Which Abia shall be governed, or ruled because some folks have refused to spot the difference, if the union is set on fire?

Where will the emergency songsters, the “any person wey drop money” exponents be when they realize it is the destiny of their children unborn that they have mortgaged?

Where would the zombified youth, who was used to disparage a perceived enemy of his master be, when both lords make up over an exotic bottle of an expensive VSOP be and he is dispensed off as “one of those hungry people who do not understand how the business is”?

Finally, who does Abia belong to? Us or them?


Postscript: this treatise tilts neither to the ‘left or right.’ There shall be follow ups as events unfold,

( henrymadubuike74@gmail.com).

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