2023: Concerned Elders Forum Emerges in Umuahia, Vows to Ensure Credible People Occupy Elective Positions

A GROUP KNOWN AS CONCERNED ELDERS FORUM with the vision of advancing Good Leadership has emerged in Umuahia the state capital.

The group comprises of persons with good character drawn from all political parties, who have decided to put their political inclinations aside to champion the emergence of credible candidates at all levels of Governance in the state, to Fastrack the development of the state.

The group which started from the Ohuhu clan to the Ibeku clan is also spreading to Umuahia South and Ikwuano with clear objectives of advancing good governance.

The convener of the CONCERNED ELDERS FORUM Mr OSONDU NWANKWO said the socio-political group propagates good leadership at all levels in the state to ensure that those who have the interest of the people emerge in all elective positions in the state and to ensure adequate provision of democracy dividends to the people.

The convener said he decided to launch the group in the state, that has worked in engendering good governance in many states of the country to bring prosperity to the people.

He maintained that the members of the group drawn from various wards were satisfied to be people of good character.

Mr Nwankwo disclosed that membership is open for people pointing out that his interest is for the development of the state.

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