Christmas Wind ~ By Okwundu Uchenna Martins

As the wind of Christmas blows near,
Many minds make a thinking for that day.
Remember, it comes once every year ,
For that, don’t soil your hands with evil pay.
Kidnappers, killers, kleptomaniacs are out.
As they plan to land fortunes with stout .
Be contented , everything is not money,
For bees sting when you look at its honey.
The little made, guide your blended bill ,
For to get rich under evil plans can kill.
Christmas comes and it ends not
For as we live , we will eat from its pot.
Steal not to celebrate, it’s not fun
For nothing is hidden under the sun.
Christmas wind blows evil and good,
I pray it affects not your mean mood .
At the end, we will get our needed joy
And shame all the enemies plot and ploy.
Christmas is just a name for holiday.

Don’t kill yourself Please.

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