(Opinion) Defending the Defenceless~By Izuchukwu Nwokoma

I have often wondered why individuals who act as aides to public office holders always fail to address issues regarding the way their principals execute projects as well as govern the State whenever citizens of the State tend to accuse the administration of failing to address infrastructural deficits and other problems facing the State.

This misnomer which studies have shown is prevalent among the youth who have been described as leaders of tomorrow, have continued unabated as they constantly derive joy in misleading fellow youth by defending or convincing them to accept a point of view that is grossly inadequate, misleading and above all, beyond ethical considerations.

The more I try to find answers to this puzzle, the more am thrown into total confusion as to why some youth in the 21st century, find solace in defending arguments bothering on governance, while forgetting that issues that have to do with rendering good service or provision of dividends of democracy, is a matter that is in the purview of the public to discern who is providing quality leadership or a stooge in terms of leadership.

Disheartening and heartbreaking is also the fact that youth in our contemporary society, go to the extent of maiming, abusing for their paymasters, those who are at variance with their points of view, despite the fact that such benefactors who recruited them for as low as 20 to N60,000 a month have ill-performed in all ramifications.

In Abia State, political observers, analysts, and social media users, have been engrossed by the high level of sycophancy exhibited by some Abia youth. These youth go to the extent of defending performances of public office holders even when their masters know that in all fairness, they have done nothing to alleviate the sufferings of the people who voted them to such positions, hence do not need sycophants to carry their cross or “cry more than the bereaved”.

This ill-wind called sycophancy, has degenerated in Abia State and has engulfed all facets of the state’s economy. There is nothing wrong if a public office holder performs and people decide to blow his trumpet. But, it is an aberration when people, because of the little pay they receive, mislead and force others into enthroning falsehood and mediocrity.

The various shouts, insults, meted to Abians who cite pitfalls in the administration of public office holders is becoming unbearable. Why would sycophants continuously label those who suggest ways to improve the poor infrastructure in Abia? Are they implying that there are no infrastructural decay in the State? If they do not agree to infrastructural deficits in the State, why then do their paymasters at some point, urge Abians to be calm as they will address their plights soon?

Well meaning Abians who lampoon governments at all levels are empowered by the constitution to ask questions on how they are governed. It is their inalienable right to inquire how the huge sums of money released to both the 17 L.G.A’s and the State government monthly by the Federal Government is spent.

After all, that one is elected a President, Senator, Representative both at the Federal or State level, Governor or even as a L.G Chairman is dependent on the masses because absolute power still belongs to the people as contained in:
Section (14) subsection (2)(a), of our extant law which states thus: “Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this constitution, derives all it’s powers and authority”

Furthermore, subsection (2)(c) has it that: “the participation by the people in their government shall be ensured in accordance with the provisions of this constitution”. Going by the above postulations and provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended, why would the un-informed youth die in ignorance by defending a cause that is undefendable because of the crumbs public office holders shower on them?

Therefore, time has come for the sycophants and those defending the defenceless to realise that they deserve more than N20,000, or N60,000 a month while selling their conscience, if actually they have one for a pot of soup. This idea of attacking well meaning Nigerians, Abians on social media who voice their displeasures over the poor infrastructure and non-payment of teachers, pensioners salaries has to stop. They should see beyond the crumbs they are presented with.

It will also be wise to state unequivocally, that it is completely a travesty, a disservice to the State, when indigenes of the same State continue to make caricature of others by refusing to see things from the realist point of view because of political party, regional or tribal affinity. The generality of Abians cannot be constantly demanding for better treatment if there are avalanche of it in the State.

People should be allowed to expressly voice their displeasures over the poor State of Abia. Come to think of it, why should there be derogatory remarks against responsible people of Abia origin? Do these sycophants think that Abians are daft as to applaud good governance if they spot one irrespective of their political ideologies? Provided the criticisms are constructive, they shouldn’t be lampooned or described with negative adjectives because one is trying to justify his master pay.

It is disheartening that after 30 years of its creation, the State is still grappling with poor infrastructure whereas Ebonyi State of yesterday among others, are far ahead.

Abia must go beyond its current level. To achieve this, all, including Commissioners, Special Advisers, Personal Advisers among others, should relegate to the background, sycophancy and begin to tell leaders occupying various positions of authority the gospel truth.

Abia must be great. Long live Abia State!

Written By Izuchukwu Nwokoma, Public Affairs Analyst and Journalist. (08038207365)

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