(Opinion) Anambra Guber: Is FG Trying to Fish in Troubled Water? By Okwundu Uchenna Martins

As Anambra Poll draws nearer amidst tension and threats of insecurity , we are not oblivious of the demand of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), for unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for peace to reign. It is straightforward demand which FG may not likely dance to. Instead, what we see is tightening up of security for the election to hold in an earnest.

Federal Government of Nigeria has stated clearly that security will be tightened for the election to hold and to make this happen, there will be deployment of 98 senior police officers in Anambra which the breakdown runs thus : 5 AIGs, 14 CPS, 31 DCPs, 48 ACPs . In addition , not less than 33 thousand police officers will be deployed to Anambra for the conduction of the election. The question now is , can that solve the situation at hand ?

If FG fails to address the demand of releasing MNK and wish the election will hold in Anambra , then they are trying to put the cart before the horse instead of the horse before the cart which will be more appropriate. Beefing up security may not necessarily be the solution because many people will show apathy during the election. Who then will the security personnel protect or guide to vote ? Will the security personnel go on house to house evangelism to get people to vote ? Will the election be made to be indoor ? Or will the security personnel vote in the election ? The angle of the whole drama is directing towards mischief. With the attention of the FG directly on Anambra election, it simply means that the situation may be utilized to sooth the interest of FG. There is a saying that a crisis ridden clan is a gain to red cap chiefs.

Now that many ad-hoc staff have resigned from INEC , will FG fill up the gap ? Will they employ drivers and beat up the logistics problems that may likely arise ? If they can do all these , then, how free and fair will the election be ? Will it be devoid of gerrymandering ? We all know that the ruling Government at the centre is the All Progressives Congress, (APC) , will there be a level playing ground for all the political parties contesting in Anambra election ? There is more to FG’s involvement in this election than meets the eye. It will soon come to full glare of all.

Another big question, remains the readiness of INEC. Will they fully rely on FG’s activities for the election to be successful ? If that is so , won’t FG directly or indirectly throw weight deeply on their party flag bearer in Anambra State ? We have to understand that FG may likely fish in trouble water and soon , we will get to know their deep involvement in this election if it will hold or not.

Okwundu Uchenna Martins ,
Anambra State .

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