The Coat of Arms (Condition of Nigeria) ~By Okwundu Uchenna Martins

The eagle stays in a deep trance ,
Strength is gone with no legs to dance.
The eagle ; pale , fading and frail
Has lost her innermost gracious grail.
Just like a dying breed ,
We have lost our cradles creed.

Two white horses now in my sickening sight,
Throw powerful punches to fight;
As they have eroded their designated dignity.
They think they have great immunity
As the show of shame swallows their pride.
Their conscience too sold to mere bribe .

I walk calmly to cultivate the black shield,
But its fertility flies away from the field.
When the land is bathed with blood,
It drains manure leaving siphoning flood.
We are then left with poverty poferated pot,
Not even crumbs on table to eat a lot.

My attention now on white and green wreath.
The agony therein ,brings gnashing teeth.
The symbol of peace punctured and torn.
Thus inciting war and sorrowful scorn.
Our ground buried with botany and bones
As pains and tears hug all the zones.

No more unity,faith ,peace and progress
As tribalism and nepotism tear our congress.
Niger and Benue wear no same coat ,
For we are armed with war boat .
Each leader comes with different fears
As we bleed and count painful years.

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