False Prophets ~ By Okwundu Uchenna Martins

They say to you, they are God’s servants,
But they worship at the altar of Mammon .
They are the landlords, you, the tenant.

Miracle hands they’ve got from demon,
Oh! false prophet, anger not my God
For you live life of flesh just like a dog.

They ask us to believe and sow seed
But our happiness? they take with speed.
On our heads they give mark of the cross ,
We starve, as our money makes them boss.
God loves a cheerful giver… to us they say
While we obey, donate and pay .

When they abuse, it’s very biblical
Don’t question them , they are classical.
They are wolves in sheep’s attire
As they speak in tongues with fire .

They have destroyed many united homes
And make division while trouble looms
So many wives they prophesy as witches.
While husbands see darlings as bitches.

Fake Prophets hunt for fame and money,
As they enjoy with their wives and honey.
Oh God , you they have truly failed
But our joys and hopes they have nailed .

They tell us sermons blended with stories
why they acclaim all your glories.
Lord, judge their madness
For with that, I will achieve all gladness.

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