(Opinion) Abia Homeland Security A Sham Or Reality? By Anonymous Writer

The application of the saying that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander has been completely played down in climes such as Nigeria. In the developed world, governments aspire to abide by the underlying meaning associated with the saying, but in Africa, Nigeria which is the focus of this exposition, our fire brigade attitude to issues that matter and demand urgent action has remained abysmal and thus constitute a problem.

Certain Government developmental plans and programmes in other climes are always pursued with vigour and concluded to the delight of the citizenry who show so much faith in their government because they have always come to their rescue when the need arises. Could such be said about our government in Nigeria?

In Abia State, for example, it will not be out of place to ask the State Government about the activities of the Abia State Homeland Security Watch and the Crime Prevention and Management System (CPAMS) which the State government boasted last year that it employed over 500 personnel to complement the efforts of other security agencies in crime control.

Such security outfit today has turned into another moribund outfit that has also been added to list of programmes in Abia State that has gone down the drains. Even as the new Commissioners and their new portfolios are being anticipated. Worthy of mention here, is that there are Ministries and Agencies of Government that are thriving without a leader. Then the question is why has the Homeland Security remained in a State of comatose despite the much noise by the State Government of forming the Ministry?

Prior to the abracadabra by the Abia State Government, yours sincerely remember vividly visiting Ibeku High school in 2019, where thousands of Abia Youth converged with enthusiasm to write the recruitment exam of the Abia Homeland Security. Do we even talk about the stress, resources spent in procuring the form as well as travelling from Abia hinterlands to participate in a fruitless exercise, that was only a ploy to enrich some individuals in the state while exploiting the poor.

The exploitation did not only end at the exam venue, after long wait for the list of successful candidates from the sham exam, successful candidates were moved to Government College Umuahia last year October 2020, for a 3 week training where the corruption became conspicuous and so pronounced. Do we talk about the poor quality of food that was contracted to certain individuals whom the State Government never cared to look into what they were doing and who used the exercise to enrich themselves.

Participants are still leaking their wounds and blaming themselves for participating in a fruitless exercise that was only an aberration and an act to copy other states while exposing the inadequacies and cluelessness of the government in the State. Those whose parents sold lands are still looking for a way to convince their parents that the employment offered them by the Homeland Security is real, while those especially the females among them who used their body to get the offer, are speaking with low voices ready to expose these randy officials of government who asked for physical gratification before offering the job.

Come to think of it, why would Abia State Government assemble candidates, amongst whom are married with families and from various LGAs in the State, and after camping for three weeks, only 5 hundred naira was given to them as transport? I ask, was the 5 hundred naira meant to convey someone that came from Aba, Ukwa, Ohafia, Ugwunagbo home? What a show of shame.

While the personnel of the Homeland Security and those in government who connived and lied to the candidates of hosting camp fire night which never happened, is still out there counting their gains from the 3 week exercise, it is also incumbent on the Abia State Government through the Abia House of Assembly to probe what actually transpired during the recruitment of candidates if actually monies were released for the purpose of the exercise.

Abia State has gotten to the level where individuals should begin to answer pertinent answers for their actions especially when it has to do with mismanagement of one’s office through acts of corruption and personal aggrandizement.

The fake appointment letters, documentation, failure of the government to specifically state in the letters break down of the terms of appointment of these assumed staff of the Homeland Security, who have since stopped going to work for reasons best known to government, are all evidences that the whole process in Abia is a sham and testament that the State only copied hook-line-sinker what other states are doing without asking proper questions.

In the light of the above, one would ask what actually is the reason for embarking on irrelevant venture in Abia State? Why float ventures that are always meant to enrich the few while dragging the poor to penury? Why do we always create windows to exploit the poor who work so hard to make ends meet in Nigeria where leaders have continued to milk the people dry while building mansions outside the shores of the country as well as building castles for their generations yet unborn?

Our people say that it is only the tongue that is held in the month and not a human being. Abia State Government should as a matter of redeeming it’s image, call back these personnel of the Homeland Security back to work whom we do not see going to work in uniforms given to them after the induction held at the Micheal Okpara Auditorium, Umuahia, last year. Abians, are not blind, they are watching, but slow to speak while it is advisable that the government do not take their patience for weakness.

By Anonymous Writer.

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